How to edit a keyman keyboard?

Hi, I’m using the Greek Polytonic Unicode keyboard and I’m very satisfied with it. However, there 2 or 3 characters that I would like to be able to type but I currently can’t. So, I was wondering if I could somehow edit the keyboard in order to add these characters. I tried doing that with Keyman Developer but had no luck. Does anyone know how to do it?

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Can you give the specifics of what characters you would like to add, along with how you propose they should be typed?

Thank you for your answer. I’d like to add two combining characters. There are two ways I can add diacritics to a character with this layout. I can either type a precombined character by pressing a dead key (for some inputs I also need to hold shift), e.g. shift+< for a rough breathing, and then the letter I wanna type (so by hitting “α” right after will result in “ἁ”) or I can press right alt at the same time, which will result in a combining character, so shift+alt+< will insert a combining reversed comma above (U+0314) on the preceding character. What I want to do is add two new shift+alt key combinations to the existing layout, so I can type two additional combining characters that I need (combining caron and dot above). I have already come up with the combinations, I just don’t know how I could add them in the layout.

Hi. I think you are referring to this keyboard Greek Polytonic Unicode keyboard ?
Unfortunately, the keyboard was added a long time ago and the author had it under a different license. He has not given us permission to put it under the MIT license nor to allow people to make changes to the source.

I think your options are to create a completely new keyboard, find another one that meets your needs, or take the source of one that is close, rename it, modify it, then use it personally or submit it to our repo.
There are only two keyboards in our repo that say the word “polytonic” that you can modify:

These are the other Greek keyboards you could check:

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The easiest way to create a Keyman keyboard is with the Keyman Developer program, which can be downloaded from: Download Keyman Developer 15.0

Help is available: Keyman Developer 15.0 User Guide

If anything is unclear, please ask a question in this forum.

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Yes, this is it! Thank you for your help!