How to distribute new keyboard for Windows

I developed a new Sinhala keyboard for Windows 10 PCs. It was compiled in my notebook and works well without problems I used Keyman Developer 11 and Keyman Desktop 11 for this.

I want to share this keyboard with others. To test it in another computer I tried to build an installable package. Following the instructions given in the Keyman tutorials I was able to build two files keyboardname.kps and keyboardname.kmp files. I followed all the instructions given in the tutorial. But when I try to install the package in another computer, it does not get installed

Have I done something wrong? I am not a professional programmer, but have a workable knowledge in computers. I would be grateful for someone’s advice on this please. After putting much work in developing the keyboard, it is frustrating if I cannot share it with others.

Hope someone would help me please.

The kmp file is generally not compiled with the Keyman Desktop program (although it can be). I suspect you need to point them to this page to download Keyman Desktop. THEN, they can install the Keyman package (the kmp. You do not need to give them the kps.).

I hope this helps.

Thank you Lorna for the instructions. Following is the way I understand your instruction:

  1. Download and install Keyman Desktop in the target computer.
  2. Run Keyman Desktop.
  3. Install the new keyboard (as given in the .kmp file) to the computer, using the Install Keyboard option in the Keyman Desktop.
    Is that correct? Can I do the step no. 3 by double clicking the .kmp file?

I would be thankful if you can clarify the above points.

With best regards

Yes, that is correct. You can also install the .kmp file by double-clicking it, once Keyman Desktop is installed on Windows. You can do the same on macOS after installing Keyman.