How to create kmhmu' font new version?

Dear, all
I write this letters to every body , i am very interesting kmhmu font i want to improve kmhmu’ font but i don’t have skill to draw in computer , do you have the template alphabet lao or kmhmu for create font kmhmu’ I have dreamed to develop ,I used the old font in there have a font kmhmu OT font ,Could you create another font style like hongkad font, Boonhome font…and you can create for mobile
I wish you crate the new project for kmhmu font
Thanks forward

Hello. We have no plans to create new Kmhmu fonts. Most up-to-date Lao fonts support that language, including Noto. The Kmhmu keyboard for Keyman also includes a font. The Boonhome font is now called Boonbaan and is licensed under the SIL Open Font License, so you can modify it if it doesn’t already support Kmhmu. We are not able to easily train you in font development, as it is highly technical, but let me know your background in design and computing and I may be able to point you to online resources that can help.

Many thanks sir
I have a basic graphic design , i have ever been graphic design in the printing

i would like to know some technique ,kmhmu’ font template and want to in font development

some Vowels , consonant from lao Not suitable for kmhmu’ as ກາງ/gaaq =House

Many words in Lao not able to write in kmhmu’ we can create for a new style? we can design Lao font but like khmer language is better i think then we can use in all application PC & Mobile

can you support me about project development font kmhmu’ ?


It sounds like you want to develop a font for Kmhmu using the Khmer script rather than the Lao script. There are many OFL-licensed Khmer fonts available, including Noto, that you could use - see the Khmer font page on ScriptSource. They may even already support the letters you need.

If you want to find out more about font development in general, read Design With FontForge. That’s a good introduction and has links to other resources.

Hello, sir
This sis my font Fix some points Fix some points Boon Baan , may you update for me to be Modernize
Thanks forwards

Sorry but we are unable to fix your font for you. If you have a problem with the Boon Baan font please contact the developer at

Thanks, Victor

Dear, sir I have modify font Boonbaan to Kmhmu’ font I change the name in kmhmu’ language is “Tawa OT” but I want to know more again , How can I add my font to google font and how to make the font can support in google Best regards,
Tawa Kuqbri

I replied in the Keyman topic where you posted a similar question, but I’ll put the same reply here:

Unfortunately we aren’t in a position to help people with developing fonts. There are multiple tools out there for drawing the fonts.

We have used FontLab, Glyphs, and FontForge for drawing the glyphs. Those are all good tools.

We always release our fonts under the Open Font License which is a well respected license. Google Fonts requires any font that it puts on Google Fonts to be released under the OFL. However, Google Fonts actually needs to want your font. As far as I know, you cannot just request them to add your font to the Google Fonts library.

We have also created a site called Font Development Best Practices that you should find helpful as you begin your journey.

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Many thanks , if I have problem about font creator I will ask you again