How to create an elision apostrophe in Galaxie Greek Bookmarklet running in Firefox (Kubuntu 22.04)

The book-marklet app (,Keyboard_galaxie_greek_positional) works fully as documented, but I couldn’t find a documented way to create an elision apostrophe of the type described at “Greek Punctuation and Syllabification |” section 2. The example given on that page is of “ἀπὸ ἐμοῦ” becoming “ἀπ᾽ ἐμοῦ”, and you can see that the type of apostrophe looks like soft breathing placed in the space directly following the preceding character (in this case, “π”. I was trying to create " διʼ " (which is an elided form of " δια ", and is the second word of John 1:3) and I was successful, but it required typing “di”, double-spacing, typing “j”, cursoring two spaces back, then pressing “backspace” (with additional right cursor movement required).
I wanted to express my appreciation to the original designer of this keyboard, which is “really” phonetic, and if there’s no way to repair this without inconveniencing others, there’s an acceptable non-SIL alternative in Ubuntu.
Best Wishes to all in this sacred season! :slight_smile:

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Welcome back to the community @yatindra.

We understand your difficulty in using the keyboard and thank you for giving us a very concise description of the problem. We found another Greek keyboard that may help you type more conveniently. To type " δι’ ", press di and apostrophe twice.

Here’s a section on how to use punctuation including soft breathing:

(here’s the keyboard documentation.)

We hope this helps and let’s us know if you need further assistance.

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Wow! I appreciate the care taken in your response to my concern. It is quite fine for you to have suggested an alternative keyman keyboard. I realize the SIL staff is spread quite thin and Linux might not be a priority.

Since an elision-type apostrophe is not too easy with Galaxie, and a very good Polytonal Greek keyboard is native to the x-keyboard input method in Linux, I opted for the latter (which has the added benefit of my not needing to use Firefox and then paste the text into another program).

My Kubuntu 22.04 allows me to use both x-keyboard and ibus input methods, and I just reinstalled my Jamo SIL Korean keyboard using the repository at “”, which got rid of the bug I’d encountered originally.

Best New Years Wishes, Cam

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We’re glad you found another alternative!

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