How to change initial display language

How to change the initial display language in Keyman desktop?

Do you mean at install time? With a custom build of Keyman?

The display language is stored in the registry at HKCU\Software\Keyman\Keyman Engine, REG_SZ, current language. It should be set to the BCP-47 code for the locale, e.g. en (English), de (German), kan-Knda-IN (Kannada). So if you can set that before install, you should then see that language on first run.


Can I do that with the wix source?

              <Component Id="Reg_LangSelect" Guid="*">
                <RegistryValue Root="HKLM" Key="Software\Keyman\Keyman Engine" Name="current language" Type="string" Value="kan-Knda-IN" />

<!--Merge below under Feature Id="AlwaysInstall" >
      <ComponentRef Id="Reg_LangSelect" />

I am suspecting this will work. I will try in the evening.

That’s close – use HKCU not HKLM

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Copy/Paste is a bad habit, I am trying to avoiding since a kid!

I overlooked it after copy/paste!