How to add user interface language's


Hi, we have a Wesay project where we would like to have the interface in Arabic. In the configuration tool I have a lot of choice for the user interface language’s, but unfortunately not the Arabic. Is there a way to add a new language? If so, may someone explain to me how to do that? Thanks a lot


WeSay use po files for localization. The master file is here Then use something like to translate it, and send us the resulting Arabic po file. Note, I see that Hebrew is one of the existing language choices, but other than that, I cannot predict how well it will do with right-to-left languages.


Hi Dominique,

John’s answer is not incorrect, however as it turns out, WeSay is using a service called Transifex to localize the UI. You can see the translations here and sign up: After you verify the Arabic, I can help get it into the next version of WeSay.


Hi, thanks for your fast and very useful answers. I have informed the user requesting that language that they must help finish the translation on Transifex. I’ll come back to you when it will be done. Again thank for your precious help.


Hi Chris,

The translator manager told me the team has finished the translation on Transifex for Arabic.

Could you please help get it into WeSay?

Thanks a lot,



I have another question.

The team has also translated the semantic domains (see attached file).

Must this file be also included in your next distribution or is it specific to the project?




Hi Dominique,

WeSay 1.6.10 available now includes the Arabic WeSay UI localizations. Cheers.