How to add user interface language's

Hi, we have a Wesay project where we would like to have the interface in Arabic. In the configuration tool I have a lot of choice for the user interface language’s, but unfortunately not the Arabic. Is there a way to add a new language? If so, may someone explain to me how to do that? Thanks a lot

WeSay use po files for localization. The master file is here Then use something like to translate it, and send us the resulting Arabic po file. Note, I see that Hebrew is one of the existing language choices, but other than that, I cannot predict how well it will do with right-to-left languages.

Hi Dominique,

John’s answer is not incorrect, however as it turns out, WeSay is using a service called Transifex to localize the UI. You can see the translations here and sign up: After you verify the Arabic, I can help get it into the next version of WeSay.

Hi, thanks for your fast and very useful answers. I have informed the user requesting that language that they must help finish the translation on Transifex. I’ll come back to you when it will be done. Again thank for your precious help.

Hi Chris,

The translator manager told me the team has finished the translation on Transifex for Arabic.

Could you please help get it into WeSay?

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I have another question.

The team has also translated the semantic domains (see attached file).

Must this file be also included in your next distribution or is it specific to the project?



Hi Dominique,

WeSay 1.6.10 available now includes the Arabic WeSay UI localizations. Cheers.


I have a friend with Ethnos 360 (formerly New Tribes) who would like to use We Say but hasn’t found out how to use a Portuguese interface. Is that interface already available as a po file or is that needing to be translated?

Thanks Director_Brazil! I’m in the forum now. I’ll post the same question so that I get notified if somebody responds.

Director_Brazil was referring to me, Phillip Schuring. I’d like to us WeSay to gather material for a dictionary for a language in northern Brazil. As the mother tongue speakers understand Portuguese, I’d love to get the interface language into Portuguese. They do not understand English. The version I downloaded has part of the interface in Portuguese but the main part (ie, the example words and concepts) is still all in English, which unfortunately does not help us. Any suggestions out there? As you may very well have picked up, I’m not computer savvy so forgive me if I’m a little slow understanding how to go about doing this. Thanks!

There is a Portuguese choice, but it’s only 5% translated. So yes, a translation effort would need to be done first. @chris_hirt can probably give you current info on how to sign up for doing that with or via an po file offline.

Great! Hope someone answers soon. The developers may all be in Thailand connected with Payap University so they may be sleeping now.

OK, just looking at Chris’s previous answer, go ahead and do this:

You can see the translations here and sign up:

If you run into needing some permissions from the admin level, I may still have permissions to do that.

Hi @Phillip,

I’ve sent you an email invite via Transifex so you should be able to join Transifex and start translating the WeSay interface. When you’ve translated 100%, send me a private email and we’ll get it into the next release of WeSay. Thanks!


Hi Chris!
I created my account, but I think there must be a glitch in the system. I don’t see any material to translate and when I navigate my way over to the Portuguese team I see that I’m not listed as a member of that team. I’m new to Transifex so it
may just be that I don’t know how to navigate the site properly.



Hi Phillip,

No problem. I think this is the URL you need to start translating. Also, I’ve made you a coordinator to invite others to the team.

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Transifex has both Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese.

created my account, but I think there must be a glitch in the system. I don’t see any material to translate and when I navigate my way over to the Portuguese team

So Chris invited you to the the Brazilian one… I just invited you to the generic Portuguese one. We’ll leave it up to you which you want to enter your translations as. In general, due to the lack of translators, I would lean towards just using the generic designations and not worry too much about the dialects of the translators. But it’s up to you.

Thanks a ton Chris!
I was able to find the file this time and downloaded it. I can’t seem to open it though. Do you know what kind of program I need to open the po file?

Together for the spread of the gospel,


Hi Phillip,
I’d recommend poedit as John has already mentioned at the start of this topic. It is cross platform so works on Linux, Mac and Windows.

@Phillip I may have missed it… is there some reason you can’t just use the interface in your browser? That would be easiest for you and the devs, if there isn’t an internet obstacle.