How to add dictionary(ies)

Is there any documentation on how to add a dictionary for keyman? I found this page doesn’t go into the detail.

By dictionary, it means word list right? No definition or anything like that.

And if I have multiple script dictionaries (jv-Latn and jv-Java), can I combine them together?

If you are looking at developing your own dictionary (more formally, lexical model), then the place to look is at

Currently, we have built-in support for wordlist models, but a sufficiently motivated developer can create custom models that use any procedure they want.

We don’t really support mixing two scripts in the one model at this time.

Thanks. I’ve just read it and submitted my Indonesian lexical model

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Awesome! Looking forward to seeing it soon!

If this is accepted, i still have several other languages to come.

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Great work! Look forward to seeing the upcoming models!