How much RAM?

We are considering purchasing some small tablets for BLOOM techs as we’d be able to get more for our money. But we note that they only have 1 GB of RAM. Does anyone know how much RAM BLOOM software takes?

Bethann Carlson

Could you clarify that you are talking about running Bloom itself on a Windows tablet?
This would be as opposed to running Bloom Reader on an Android tablet.

If you are talking about the former, I don’t think you will get very good results on a tablet, especially one with only 1GB of RAM. But no one on our team has done that kind of testing.

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SIL International

Hi Andrew,

Yes, I was talking about running BLOOM on a Windows tablet, not BLOOM Reader app.

Thanks for that; we won’t pursue the tablets. They were just cheap and I wanted to check!


Bethann Carlson