How many Bloom Reader devices can Bloom send to at once?

I’m at a workshop demoing Bloom, and we’re trying to send a Bloom book over wifi to multiple Android devices. The Android devices are correctly opened to Bloom Reader and set to receive a Bloom book over wifi on the correct network.

Unfortunately, only one person is able to receive the book at a time. Is there a chance that Bloom doesn’t support sending to multiple devices at once?

Yes, that’s right. Currently Bloom can only send to one device at a time. Feel free to post a feature request and/or vote on it!

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Thank you for confirming that I’m not crazy!

When multiple people tried to get the book, I would have expected Bloom to finish sending to one, and then immediately transfer to the next, and the next. In my experience, it sent to the first device and not to anyone else.

Is there a chance that Bloom might not send books in serial either?

If I wanted to make a feature request, would it be sufficient to re-tag this thread?

On a related note, several of our participants have been trying to send via USB, and they report that the transfer only works for them on certain computers. E.g, Ruth Munguti is able to transfer with our team’s roamer laptop, but not with her personally-assigned laptop. I know you probably need more details than that for troubleshooting. Anything in particular that I should look for?

I talked to JT, and he had misunderstood your question. Alex what you expect to happen is what is supposed to happen, it sounds to us like you have uncovered a regression.

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