How does Bloom name sound files?

I am wondering if someone can explain to me how Bloom decides what to name a sound file when someone makes a talking book?
We have a book that contains of over 1400 sound files because it is a picture dictionary containing three languages and nearly 500 words/items. The audio was recorded directly into bloom using the talking book feature.
The reason for asking is that we want to reuse the sound files for another purpose. Thank you.

Bloom generates an arbitrary name for each sound file. Technically it is a GUID…a globally unique identifier, meaning it is extremely unlikely that any two Bloom sound files anywhere ever get the same name.
You can find out the name for a particular sound file by looking in the HTML file in the book folder (right click and choose “open folder on disk”), then open the folder and find the file that ends in “htm” and open it in a text editor. Then search for the text of your paragraph. Before it you will find something like <span id="abcd1234-7890-34-defg1234">. That ID is the name of the corresponding audio file, which you can find in the audio folder within the book folder.