How do I use accent marks in Yiddish Keyman 8?

I would like to use accent marks with typing in Yiddish Keyman 8.
How do I do that ?

Welcome to the community! If you are using Yiddish Paskh, the documentation is available here:

If you are using a different keyboard, let us know which one.

Thank you Lorna,
I am not using the Keyman keyboard.
I am using my own regular keyboard.
I love your program. I type in the transliterated words and out comes Yiddish !

Hi Miriam, if you are using your own keyboard, then I don’t know how to help you! You will either need to modify your keyboard to support the the accent marks, or switch to a keyboard that can do it.

Thanks anyway Lorna,
I appreciate your interest.

This top is marked as “Done” for now as it is not Keyman related. Feel free to re-open this if otherwise.