How do I type the "û" key in hungarian?

I can’t figure out how to type the “û” key with the Hungarian layout I’m on MacOS. Is it not possible?

Hi, I don’t see “û” listed as a letter in the Hungarian alphabet. I see ű ú ü u, but no û. To include that letter, you would have to have a custom keyboard, or use a shortcut key…I believe it to be Alt+> in MacOS. Check out this link: Hope that it will work for you.

I was typing on to practice my Hungarian typing skills I guess they just had a buggy quote because I tried 2 other Hungarian layouts and could not find a way to type it. Thanks for the help!

It looks like you are not using a Keyman keyboard.

On EuroLatin (SIL) keyboard (, you can type this û by using this key combination: Shift6 + U.

For more details, see the keyboard documentation at EuroLatin (SIL) Keyboard Help.

No I was using a keyman keyboard “Hungarian Basic” and “Hungarian 101-key Basic” I don’t normally use the “EuroLatin (SIL)” versions of layouts I’ll make sure to use it in the future thanks!

Thank you for the clarification. It looks like Hungarian Basic doesn’t configure this. Per keyboard documentation of the keyboard, “uU” are not included in the list of vowels which can be combined with ^. Only three vowels are allowed, i.e. “aAiIoO”.

As @Ken_Keyes mentioned, “û” is not in the Hungarian alphabet; which is why it’s not include in the keyboard. Can you confirm that it is a legit character in the language? If so, we can probably update the keyboard.

As a native hungarian speaker I can confirm this character is NOT a legit character in the hungarian language.

Thank you, Samuel. That’s why the character in question is not included in the Hungarian Basic keyboard.