How do I turn off centering of text?

How do I turn off centering of text when I add Basic book template page- picture on left, to my book? I am using it in A5 landscape and it messes up the text layout often putting in spaces at the top and bottom of the text box that are not needed and telling me I have too much text on the page. I can’t find a setting that will allow me to change to text starting at the top of the text box. It also happens in some of the other template text boxes too.

Change layout (control at top right of page), Alignment, Left button

Sorry, this will just change it for one page. It’s possible to make a new template page that will start out top-aligned. There’s information in Help about making templates. You can also copy or duplicate once you get one page right.

Ah, great. thanks John. Sorry I forgot about that setting in custom page. All good.
Yes I’m very familiar with duplicate page once I get a page layout the way I want for a particular book. Love that function.