How do I reclaim my votes?

I’ve voted on topics ages ago and some of them have been resolved. How do I get those votes back to use again?

Once we finish a requested feature, we should mark it ‘done’ and close it. When the topic is closed, all votes should be released.
I just closed a couple more. Do you see any specific features you voted for which are completed but are not closed?


Additionally, for a particular feature, if you click on the blue “Voted” block in the top left, you have the option to remove your vote.

You probably already know this, but for the sake of others…

Each user is limited to 10 votes.
You can view your votes by going to where you replace USER_NAME with your username.

The allow credits page to be inside cover has been handled by the paper saver option. I have retrieved my vote from it as you have suggested. Thanks. If I see any others I’ll let you know.

Thanks Andrew, Glenys

I seem to only have 6 votes available. I had voted on 3 posts, voted on something else just now and got a message to say I have 2 votes left.

Sorry; I spoke before I fully realized how the voting system works. Apparently the number of votes is dependent on a users’ trust level on the site which is determined by number of posts, etc. Users start with 2 votes each and can have as many as 10.