How do I open a file with the extension of bloombundle?

Someone sent me a file called examples.bloombundle but I could not open it even though I already have Bloom installed on my laptop, What do I need to do in order to open that?

Hi Craig,
BloomBundles are not intended for sending to other people to use in Bloom; they are only a (Bloom Enterprise) way of distributing large numbers of Bloom Reader digital books to devices running Bloom Reader.

thanks John. what is the best file format to use when sending bloom files to another user of Bloom so that that second user can open the files?

Our practices has been to zip the collection folder (for an entire collection) or book folder (for one book) using 7zip and send that. The person unzips the file to their Document\Bloom folder (for a collection zip) or collection folder (for a book zip). If they already have the book, you have to be careful to unzip to a new place or delete (or hide) any previous copies.