How do I get TECKit 2.5.9 to work on Windows 10 Home?

Good morning,
I’ve recently installed SIL Encoding Converters 4 (I found it here ) and also downloaded TECKit 2.5.9 from the NRSI Github page ( ).

What’s the procedure for getting TECKit 2.5.9 to work with SIL Encoding Converters 4?

Is there a newer SIL Encoding Converters that incorporates TECKit 2.5.9?

Thank you,

On my computer, I see the Teckit dlls are installed at c:\Program Files (x86)\Common files\SIL

You could try putting the 2.5.9 Teckit dlls there and see if they work.

Thank you Steve, I will give that a try and see what happens.