How do I get started with LinguaLinks, FlexWords Language Explorer and WordNet?


I have installed Logos Bible Software and started it for the first time, but I can not find any menu options to get started with LinguaLinks Library. I wonder if anyone could advice me how to quickly get started?

My aims with using LinguaLinks Library (and also Phonicon) are these (by taking departure point in historical-comparative linguistics):

  1. Learning/refreshing my knowledge of Norwegian, Spanish, French, Italian and Bulgarian.

  2. Creating conceptual wordlists for each language and wordlists according to function, form and meaning that I also can export in Excel format.

  3. Creating syntax and grammar trees for each language.

  4. Using resources (which?) that can help me in my profession as English-Swedish translator.

How can I begin using LinguaLinks Workshops, FieldWorks Language Explorer and WordNet from within Logos Bible Software?

Here are some examples of what I had in mind:

LinguaLinks Workshops

Kirrkirr (Stanford Uni)

Post 107427 at Logos forums

Online lexical knowledge base for Marathi

FieldWorks Language Explorer

WordNet (structured lexicons and lexical semantics)

And about wordlists in Excel format, does anyone have any ideas where to download such wordlists for a wide range of languages?



First you have to buy Lingualinks Logos edition through the SIL website. Then wait for the various email confirmations and instructions. Here’s the link to buy the package:



I have already purchased LinguaLinks Logos edition (version 6) and installed everything, so that’s in order. But I don’t find any easy way to quickly get an overview of the contents of LinguaLinks (which seems to be a reference bookshelf to use from within Logos). So I think those two go together (Logos and the LinguaLinks Library), and then there are applications such as FLEx Language Explorer (which seems what I would be using the most in my daily handling of languages) and online resources like wordnets for various languages. And also Lexique Pro seems useful.

I’d like to create projects in FLEx Language Explorer for language families like Romance languages, Germanic languages, Slavic languages etc. and learn them comparatively. Would that be possible (and advisable) with FLEx Language Explorer?