How do I get .msi

I made a new keyboard for Keyman but I can’t install it because it says I have no.msi. How do I get it?

Usually, you don’t need it to install a keyboard created with Keyman Developer as long as your keyboard compile successfully. All you need is the keyboard package (aka .kmp file) from the build folder.

The only case that you need keymandesktop.msi file is to compile an executable “keyboard+Keyman” installation file which can be used to install both Keyman Desktop and the keyboard at the same time.

Usually, the .msi file can be found in the directory of each release version of Keyman, i.e. the current latest stable version of Keyman is 16.0.139. The directory is at Index of /windows/stable/16.0.139.

Let us know if you need further assistance. :slight_smile:

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