How do I get a velar ṅ using sanskrit unicode keyboard with Keyman?

How do I get a velar ṅ with dot-diacritic on top using the sanskrit unicode keyboard with Keyman?

I have an old version of Microsoft and Macbook Air - suggestions from users with newer versions aren’t working.

Hello @FiFi,

You can try * and n to get . Can I know which version that isn’t working?


Nyny Thanks again!

It works - that’s two times you have helped solve my issues - so grateful!

Have a great weekend!

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The version that was’t working was an old Macbook air 10.12.6 using Microsoft Word 14.0.0 and the Keyman board was the sanskrit unicode - however, the * + n = ṅ works a treat!

Do you mean that the keyboard isn’t working on Word, MacBook?

No it’s working now. It was just that specific command wasn’t working with other suggestions I had to get that diacritic - now it is with the suggestion you gave. All good.

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