How do I convert my *.kmx to *.kmp file for use on phone?

How do I convert my *.kmx to *.kmp file for use on phone?

You don’t convert a file as such. You create a .kmp package in Keyman Developer.
For info on doing that there are tutorials on the Keyman help pages.

David, do you have the original .kmn file? The .kmx is a compiled version of the .kmn and you really need the source, not the compiled file to start with.

Thank you Lorna! I am now in contact with Heidi Rosendall my original complier. She is going to get me the .kmn file. Then I think I will run it through the complier to export the .kmp

We added these keyboards for Nigeria to the Keyman repository (with Heidi’s permission). None of them currently have mobile enabled. If one of these is what your keyboard is based on, we’d be glad to add the mobile layout to it. Let me know which keyboard needs it.

It’s worth noting that conversion of a desktop layout to a touch layout for phones involves more than recompiling it. A phone layout has a set of constraints that is quite different to that of a desktop layout. The following articles describe an approach we used when building an initial Amharic touch layout from a desktop layout:

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