How do I contact the admins of the issue manager?

I had a problem with Bloom on Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus which I have now solved. How can I add a comment to the issue or contact the admins? I have tried registering but cannot do this because a warning message tells me that there is an insecure connection for registering.

To add a comment, simply reply to any email you have received from our bug server, and your email will be added as a comment. There should be a notice to that effect on every email you receive from it.

On the “insecure” notice, hmmm, what browser is telling you that? Try using an https prefix, see if that pacifies your browser. Or simply ignore that and make an original password for this site, like one does nowadays for every site. That way, if you fear someone is going to intercept it while you are registering with our bug server, it won’t do them any good.


There is no message on the automatically generated email from the bug
server. I just checked a couple of messages from the bug server and none
had a notice to email comments or replies.


Sure enough, our footer disappeared! It has been restored now, and it looks like this:

Your reply to this email will add a comment to issue BL-1234. Thanks for helping make Bloom great for everybody!

Thanks for letting us know.