How can I add text in the inside cover page for all the books in a collection?

Hi, I have like 100 books already prepared in Bloom. Now I need to add some text in the Inside Cover Page. I can directly type in the page but it is not usual to type or paste the same matter in all 100 books. Is there any way I can add the text in some source file withing the collection so all 100 books will have the same in the Inside cover page?

I can’t think of a feature we’ve implemented which allows for this directly, but here is a kludgy way which should work.

In your collection folder, you should see a file named customCollectionStyles.css.
There, you can add the following rule:

.bloom-page.insideFrontCover .bloom-contentNational1:before {
	content: "Some text I added to every front cover!"

What is your goal for these books? If you are aiming at electronic distribution, this is probably not a good solution. If you want others to be able to translate these books in the future, it is not going to work well, either.

There are a couple other potential options depending on how technical you are. Let me know.

Many thanks. That was of great help.

But one things, most of the times these codes are only working on the Release versions but not in Reach versions. Am I right??

The only difference between REACH channel and Release channel is that REACH project is currently still on version 3.7, while Release is up to 4.2. We don’t turn features on or off by channel.