Horizontal picture insists on being displayed vertically


I am trying to copy and paste a horizonal picture into Bloom and yet, Bloom cuts the picture and puts it into a vertical format. How can I make it so that the image fills up the whole picture space?

Thank you,

Hi Stacey,

Bloom automatically makes pictures as big as they can be without distortion. I’m not clear why you call this picture “horizontal,” but Bloom has made it as tall as there is room for. Pictures don’t usually look good if they are stretched in just one direction to fill the space.

You can make this picture larger by giving it more vertical space. Just drag the line between the picture and text down. You can also crop the picture to make it less tall and narrow, allowing Bloom to make it wider without distortion. (There’s a crop tool in the image chooser dialog.) You could also possibly use the Change Layout control (just above the page) and make a different arrangement of picture and text to suit this image better.

The picture looks to me a bit as though at some point it has been stretched vertically. If that’s the case you’d need to find the unstretched original, or use a separate graphics program to stretch it back.

It’s very unlikely that Bloom has stretched your picture. If you think it has, please use “report a problem” (in the menu under the question mark in the top right) and let Bloom send us your book so we can investigate what is happening.

Thank you John. I played with it and got it to work.