Highlight talking books by the word option

This would be more helpful for early readers.

Word by word highlighting might be too much! On more advanced books, the highlighting would go so fast, that it no longer helps the reader.
On level 1 decodable readers, I think it would work, but in that way Bloom should be giving you options to what kind of highlighting you want :slight_smile: That might be a little too much to ask.

I would like to suggest ‘Highlighting at phrase level’.

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Actually I have been thinking about that. You are right. Except for Level 1 (word books) it WOULD be too much. But yes, phrase level highlighting would be better.

I’m adding this request here, because I think it’s connected. (If it would be different, then please move it).

When I met with some literacy workers last week, they were interested in having the ability to control whether the highlighting is on or off.

E.g. people can have the audio playing without any highlighting, so they could just listen, and then they can also play it with the highlighting

I think this would be very useful for word lists or single words for self taught primers, but there would need to be a big pause between words that are on the same page, since they are not in sentences. Perhaps the phrasing could be triggered by a new paragraph rather than a period.