Hieroglyphics Keyboard not working on signs connected to capitalized letters


I’ve downloaded the Hieroglyphics keyboard and it’s working well except that I can’t get it to type signs connected to capitalized letters. Any sign that requires a capital letter (or any key + shift) will not turn into the sign, but will stay in the Latin alphabet form. How do I fix this?

Hi Adam,
Welcome to this site. Can you give us a bit more information? What version of Keyman, OS, applications, etc? I just tested the keyboard on my Win10 machine with Keyman 11 and Word 2016, and the capitals seem to be working as documented on this page: https://help.keyman.com/keyboard/hieroglyphic Not all of the capitals produce hieroglyphics (W and R), but the documented ones seemed to work for me. Once I typed one of the Latin-only keys (like W or R) then it did get stuck in that state until I typed a lowercase key which fixed it.

Hi Lorna,

I’m using Keyman 12.0 on my Mac Catalina 10.15. However, I don’t use Microsoft word, I use Google docs and Adobe InDesign. Would that have anything to do with it?

Many thanks for the response!

I’m wondering if you should try the 12.0.7 beta available here https://keyman.com/downloads/pre-release/

This thread seemed to indicate that version had a Mojave solution for Adobe products for an Ethiopic keyboard:


I’m not sure if Catalina introduced other issues.

The fix that made it into 12.0.7 beta is also in all subsequent versions including the stable 12.0 release series.

@Adam_Burge, I’ve reproduced the issue you describe now on my Mac, also running Catalina. The keyboard works as expected in TextEdit but in Google Docs in Chrome Shift+X, Spacebar produces just , and does not transform to 𓄡 as expected. This behaviour is the same in Safari.

(Interestingly, in this forum post, also running in Chrome, it seems to work just fine!)

In Google Docs, it appears that if you do not release Shift before pressing Spacebar (i.e. press and hold Shift, press X, Spacebar, release Shift), then the transform works as expected. This is helpful diagnostic information for me and may be an acceptable workaround for you? I think all the combinations in the keyboard allow for this (as the sequences that require capitals are always single letters as far as I can recall).

I don’t have Adobe InDesign installed here on my Mac at present but can install and test at some point. If this workaround gets the job done for you, please let me know!

I have created a bug report about this problem and we will be looking into it further.

We’ve now got a fix in the pipeline for the Shift+X Spacebar issue with Google Docs (and InDesign and other apps). It will be available in the Keyman 13.0 beta for Mac in the next few days at https://keyman.com/beta!

Wonderful! Many thanks for this!

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