Hide one or more language(s) or writing systems

We have some dictionaries that have a number of writing systems (multiple languages and/or scripts). I think it would be really helpful for end-users of these apps to be able to hide languages that they are not interested in. I know that this is currently possible within the App Builder itself, but that is not what I’m asking for (as it is only available to the App developer). I am asking for the end-user to be able to visit the settings page within the App in order to turn off/on any of the languages so that they don’t clutter the information being presented.

To do this it almost needs a page control to unhide/hide what is set in the settings. Otherwise you will forget that something is hidden when you come back to it later. I personally don’t want to get the extra messages about missing information because of forgotten user settings.

There could be some sort of placeholder for the hidden languages. Clicking the placeholder could take you to the appropriate settings page.