HI, Can Book description be added in the Book Metadata in Bloom

HI, Can there be Book description added in the Book Metadata in addition to the existing information like the Author, reading level, Age group?

Hi Sachin,
Yes, we can do this. It would help if you know specifically where you want this to come out. Are you thinking of the content.opf file that comes out of our epub export? If so, do you have an example of that shows exactly what the element should be? E.g.

<dc:description> When a little boy loses his hat in a tree, he and the moon share a special secret.</dc:description>

Hi John, yeah you are right, I wish this come in the content.opf and similar to that you mentioned in the example. In bloom for now I can see there is option for inputting metadata on author, age and book level when publishing ePub.

OK. So Sachin is this something that you need right away to complete a project (e.g. submission to GDL), or just something we should put on our todo list?

Yeah john, right for the GDL.

Hi, It can be kept in the to do list, so it would be available for next development.

OK, here’s the official issue for future reference.