Help wanted in Character Placing in Indic Inscript Keyboard

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In Indic Language all open type fonts use Inscript Layout.
In this layout if I need দেখি then I have to type : দ + ে + খ + ি
But we people who once used ANSI fonts (for a long time) we type দেখি as ে + দ + ি + খ

Once Marc (may be in 2006 or 7) help me with a educational keyboard on how to do this but I lost that file.

Can someone please help me on this issue.

Thanks in advance


Hi Arun. I think this might be the keyboard you are referring to?
If you click on “help” it will tell you about how it is keyed and if you click on “Source” you will be able to find the source files for how it was done. Some years ago you gave us permission to move it to the MIT license, so we moved the whole keyboard package over to the new system.Your other keyboards are here (but they are all Bengali):

If this is not what you were looking for, give me a few details about what the keyboard name might have been and I’ll look further. (There was also one called hindi_traditional_kab but I think it was an inscript layout.)

Hello Lorna

Thanks for your reply. Those are not those
Once Marc send me instruction document to create a keyboard with Modular Layout

Where I need
I need দেখি then I have to type : দ + ে + খ + ি
But we people who once used ANSI fonts (for a long time) we type দেখি as ে + দ + ি + খ

These are the ANSI keyboards we have from you:

They are all compiled versions. I’d need to decompile it if there is a particular keyboard you want the source for.
However, since they are ANSI, I don’t think they are terribly helpful.

The hindi_modular keyboard uses rules like this:

U+093F + [RALT K_HYPHEN] > U+090C U+093F

where the characters are typed in logical order and then the keyboard reorders them.

You can see all the rules in the source file: keyboards/hindi_modular.kmn at master · keymanapp/keyboards · GitHub

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