Help wanted-- COVID19 Bloom book in RAB

Looking for one of you RAB people to put this book into RAB, please, and let me know how it comes out: About Coronavirus


Not sure why you don’t want it just int he Bloom reader.

I have emailed you letting you know where you can get the app I made from Bloom.

Many thanks, Ian. I’ve just now been able to put it on a tablet and it came out great.

Hi Paul,

We used the graphics from the Bloom comic that you refer to and converted them into a RAB app. The reason we went that route was to be able to add our own audio in the correct order for each page. You can see how our app turned out here.

If you’d like the App-builder project files, I can put that folder in a link for you, too, but the graphics are all flat png’s with our Mixtec text.

BTW, we weren’t allowed to publish this to the Google Play store, since they said that it violates their “Sensitive Events” policy, which doesn’t “allow apps that lack reasonable sensitivity towards or capitalize on a natural disaster, atrocity, conflict, death, or other tragic event”. In order to publish coronavirus information, they would require us to be

  1. A government body/healthcare organization who developed this app.
  2. A developer commissioned to build this app by a government entity or public health organization.
  3. An app supported/acknowledged by a government entity or public health organization.

So we’ve just been passing this around locally and on social media.

Thanks, Bruce. Very interesting. It’s good to know about the limitation for publishing to the Google Play Store.

If anybody else is in that situation… you can now change the audio playback order of comic elements from within Bloom 4.8, which is available to you now if you need it (but not released yet because we’re working on some totally unrelated new features).