Help installing Keyman Developer 13.0

Hello friend, has anybody has this problem? I try to install keyman developer 13.0 to my laptop the message came up Say

“Another installation is in progress. You must complete that installation before you can continue this”

but I haven’t install anything else. If anybody has this Experian can you explain how to solve this problem?

Welcome to the community.

I have never experienced this. I just installed the latest version of Keyman Developer 13.0.109 without any issue. You may want to kill all processes by restarting your machine and then make another attempt to install the software.

There’s probably a Windows update or something similar going on in the background. You can try and reboot, then try the installation of Keyman Developer again.

Thank you for your advice, I have been thinking the same way you did, I turned off and reboot my computer 3 time, try to install again on every time, the message came up Say the same thing could not do anything else except exit it, I even try to disable my firewall and it still not working

This is an issue that arises with Windows Installer from time to time; it’s not specific to Keyman Developer but can occur with any program that uses Windows Installer. This topic on Microsoft Answers has provided solutions for many users.