Hebrew Vowel position different on iOS and android


I was trying to add a base mark to the vowels so that they look prettier. However, I’m frustrated by the inconsistency of the display between my iPad and my android phone.

The vowels on my iPad look not good, while on my android phone, they look great.

on the android phone:

Anyone can help?

Have you included any specific font in the keyboard package? The thing is the font may not get installed together with the keyboard in iOS, but it does on Android.

To clarify this – you can specify an on screen keyboard font and an application font to use with a given keyboard. The on screen keyboard font is the one you want to change – you would include it in your keyboard package for installation.

The application font only works in specific apps that support it, such as the Keyman app itself. We hope to improve this in the future, but Android does not allow for installation of fonts to the system itself.

Thanks, @makara and @Marc.
This points me in the correct direction. I used the Ezra SIL font initially. I thought this font should go well with the keyboard.

There are other good options for fonts. There is no need to specify different fonts for display and typing. I switched to the SBL Hebrew font for both display and typing. It is much better now. It is ideal on iOS and has a minor issue on android. I guess it is because some signs are (I guess) not RTL (They do not belong to the Hebrew Unicode character set). These signs are not frequently used. So I think it will not be a big problem to users.

on iOS (ideal):

on android (minor issues with non-RTL signs):