Headings and Markers using aeneas

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After working with the aeneas and RAB software in order to make booklets for some time now, we recently started creating app-versions of a magazine we make. One of the things that added was that I no longer just use \s for section headings, but \mt for major titles as well. No problems with RAB, they show up fine, but when I started synchronising with aeneas, it caused problems. It looks fine on the computer, but once I build the app, the audio is all messed up because the highlighting skips the title.
Looking back I think it has to do with the section ’ Headings and Markers’ in ‘Synchronize using aeneas…’. It only gives me the \s option, so I can’t tell the program I want it to include the \mt as well. Is there a way to change this? (Other than making it all \s or skipping it in highlighting)?

Thanks in advance!

You can use multiple level \s
So change \mt to \s1
and \s to \s2 the include sections and all are handled.

But you may need to adjust size on the different styles.
In Headings

Sorry for the late reply, I was on holiday. But thanks! That seems to work.