Hcesar Layout for Portuguese

Hcesar Layout is an old but very efficient keyboard layout, is it possible to add it?, I would like to use it.


I don’t think it would be hard to create this layout in Keyman Developer.

I started working on one and have gotten confused by the two images on the wikipedia page.

On the typewriter, the leftmost key on the top row is “2”. On the diagram the leftmost key on the top row is “+”. Which is the version you want?

I realized after I posted this that computers do have more keys than typewriters did. I think also today the fix of typing an l for 1 and a O for 0 wouldn’t work, because the software knows that you just pressed a letter instead of a number.
So I followed another model I saw on wikipedia that had 1 on it, (Category:HCESAR keyboard layouts - Wikimedia Commons)

My proposed layout looks like this (characters I added in blue)

If you want to try the keyboard you can install it from this package file (once you install Keyman).
hcesar.kmp (2.6 KB)
(The ^ ` ~ and ´ are diacritics that combine with the preceding letter).
Source file:
hcesar.kmn (2.0 KB)

That was fast, @Steve_White !

btw, the square brackets look reversed. From the screenshot, it seems [ should be on the default layer and ] on the shift layer.

Thanks, Darcy. I’ve corrected the diagram, and I also attached the source file.

When you are happy with it, would you consider submitting this to the Keyman github repo or send me the source files to do it? That way it will be available to more people.

Yes, I have that in mind. Waiting for a response from Pashe first.

I’ve tested the layout and it looks good, I’ll try to learn it now. Tank you

I’ve now submitted it on Github. #1804.

Thanks to Steve, this is now available online: hcesar keyboard
We should have the online help file available soon too.