Having problems with Playstore


I’m not sure that this is the correct address, but I have urgent need of a tip: To upload an App to Playstore, there are new requirements apparently. I’m a volunteer collaborating with the Secretariat for Language Policies of Paraguay, and we have several Dictionaries of minority languages that we would like to upload to Playstore. However this is the message we get, and I don’t know how to fix this from DAB, even though I installed the latest version.

Su Android App Bundle está firmado con la clave incorrecta. Asegúrese de que su paquete de aplicaciones esté firmado con la clave de firma correcta y vuelva a intentarlo. Se espera que su App Bundle esté firmado con el certificado con huella digital:

SHA1: 1D:41:2E:01:77:54:47:7D:3F:6F:BB:2D:6B:AF:87:66:23:11:20:DD

pero el certificado utilizado para firmar el paquete de aplicaciones que subiste tiene una huella digital:

SHA1: CC:0C:AF:2B:70:73:E7:78:DD:FC:69:49:EC:47:5F:15:87:9A:7A:6B

Can anyone give me a tip? Would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

… Gundolf Niebuhr

You are using a different keystore than what it is expecting.

This is a reply from the original inquirer.

Thanks for your time! I did some research yesterday, and came to a similar conclusion. It was an app that I had first generated some years ago, and it underwent several editions. In one of those, I probably changed the package name and/or the key. To be uploaded to Playstore, it must have both of those original values, or else they suspect that it was tampered with. If this insight is of help to anyone in the forum, feel free to repost it.
Greetings … Gundolf.