Having Keyman keyboard as default caused typing problem in Bomgar

Yesterday I had set Keyman as the default Windows keyboard to test another issue and then did some Bomgar remote sessions.
When I was on the remote computers and tried to type anything I discovered that the first letter I typed became the default character and no matter what I typed that character appeared. At first I thought it must be a problem on the user’s computer, but discovered the same problem on every computer I connected to.
When I switched my default keyboard back to the US keyboard the issue went away. When I made Keyman the default again the problem reappeared.
I’m not sure if this is an issue with Keyman, Bomgar, or my system, but I wonder if anyone else has experienced this behavior.

Does this only happen on Bomgar? Can you use the keyboard in MS Office or Chrome browser?

The issue happened only when I was using Bomgar to access another computer and it happened with 3 different computers. However, today when I tried to replicate the same issue it is not failing. So for now we need to put this down as a burp and if I can get it to happen again I’ll try to document what I see.
The issues were not happening on my computer, but only on the other computer and they were happening in any program I had open.

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Then Keyman on that machine might be corrupted. A fresh install may resolve it.

Sorry for not clarifying that. She says she did uninstall Keyman 14 and reinstall with not change. I know that using the Windows uninstall doesn’t always get all the pieces. Are there any other files or settings that should be removed? I can have her use Revo Uninstaller if that would clear out the old settings.

That might do the trick.

But to do a fresh install of Keyman, (1) remove the installed keyboards from the Configuration, (2) uninstall Keyman, (3) restart the machine and then (4) reinstall Keyman.

I doubt Revo Uninstaller would help things. Those kinds of utilities often leave systems in a fragile state and I would never recommend using them. The Keyman installer generally works pretty well at cleaning up after itself.

It is quite possible that Bomgar would be incompatible with Keyman as it does take control of the keyboard to pass input through to the destination computer. Normally, I would recommend not trying to use Keyman on your local machine with a remote access tool such as Bomgar. It’s possible that the startup order for the two apps would also make a difference.

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This seems related: Today I installed Keyman 13 Desktop via Bomgar. It did not seem to work for the client, but worked fine when I was typing remotely (even with my Keyman keyboard off.) So I disconnected Bomgar and then Keyman worked fine for the client.