Have Bloom extract data from Paratext

Paratext (http://pt8.paratext.org) has a “Bible Module” specification that allows users to pull Scripture references and embed the text into another publication. The specifications are found here: https://lingtran.net/Bible+Modules

There are numerous publications that quote Scriptures. When translating these materials into other languages, it is important that the Scripture be quoted accurately. If Bloom had a way to import Scripture from Paratext or the Paratext API using the Bible Module notation, then it would be an excellent environment to translate these materials into multiple languages.

One issue that I see is that (to my knowledge) Bloom does not do text flow across pages. When importing Scripture text, it is difficult to estimate the size of the resulting text, so it is not clear how Bloom would handle importing whole chapters of text and flowing it across multiple pages.

Thanks for the suggestion, Doug. Yup, if we did this we would finally get around to implementing flowing between pages. It’s technically challenging, but also a UX challenge to implement it with Bloom-level simplicity.

Would it be possible to have shell books that can extract verses from paratext? That would make it possible for many people to create many books with a few clicks.