Hardware Recommendation

Can someone recommend a tablet with SIM for using Language Forge in the village? These communities have no WiFi, but data from phone networks is accessible in some areas. We may also use the tablet for Paratext Lite and Scripture Forge.

I purchased a Samsung Galaxy A7 without SIM (SIM was much more expensive). I will test it using the smart phone as a hot spot for cases when we need to do work w/o wifi.

That’s good to know, Dale. We don’t actually have a specific hardware recommendation for Language Forge since it should run across all modern mobile browsers. Mobile Safari support may be limited as we don’t have the resources for testing and keeping up with iOS specific bugs right now. Hope to do better with that in the future.

All I know is pay attention to the minimum requirements. A couple years ago I bought a refurbished tablet for my team primarily to use PT lite and realized too late that it didn’t have a recent enough version of Android to run it. PT lite currently requires at least Android 5.1.