Handling Dialects

The dialects of our language are at least 10, but they are kind of fluid and are not defined in any way by letter codes in the ethnologue. Currently I can change the name of the language as it shows up on the cover page which is very desirable because features of our language like the adjective Central are not recognized by the people. Others use the adjective “speech” with a non infixed root to call the language while in our way of calling the language there is an infix in the root. People from some dialects call their language by their island name and not its formal name. It would be nice if dialect could be designated somewhere in the books while still retaining the ability for all dialects to be categorized under one language on the bloom library.

We uploaded one book under the language name Sinama and another under the language name Central Sinama and they are currently listed on Bloom Library as two different languages, but they do both show up when you click on either language link. This might be alright with two names, but it will be frustrating for everyone if all 10 of our dialects want to list the language as they call it. At the same time I believe users don’t want a name for their language that they don’t accept to be on the cover page of a book they wrote, so freedom is still needed to call your language by your dialect’s autonym.

@Luke thanks for letting us know about this need. I’ve created the following entries in our issue tracker, tentatively for Bloom 4.3:
How to set the variant info in Bloom
How to display variants in Bloom Library

In the meantime, you can edit your .bloomCollection file to have a full language tag so that you are future proof; it will probably fix your problem in BloomLibrary.org.

The pattern here described as BCP47, but all you need for a dialect is this pattern: isocode-x-somethingyoumakeup

For example, if I wanted to code “Central English”, the code would be:


If in doubt, fire up FLEx or WeSay, use their UI to define your language, and copy the language code they create. And so the xml you need in the .bloomCollection would be


Update on this request: In Bloom 4.3 (now in alpha), you can specify dialect and script variations.

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This has shipped in 4.3 beta.