Greek Keyboard troubles after update

I have been using Keyman’s version of Manuel A. Lopez’s Classical Greek keyboard happily for years. But yesterday I updated the Keyman software and found that it had been replaced by a different Greek keyboard. I located and downloaded the Lopez keyboard. It worked once, then disappeared. I have done all the obvious things, including uninstalling the software and reinstalling the package with only Keyman and the Lopez keyboard. Now that alone appears in the Keyboard Layout tab, but under the windows language selection tab only English and something labeled “Unknown Locale (qaa-Latn) Greek Keyboard” appear. And so, I am unable to use my preferred Greek keyboard, which is more than a little inconvenient. How do I get back to normal?

Welcome to the community, Richard.

I have tested the keyboard ( on my Windows 10 running Keyman Desktop, and it is working as expected. See the screenshot below:

Can you get the latest version of Keyman and install the keyboard using the link provided above?

If the problem persists, please send us a diagnostic report following the instructions here:

Dear Makara Sok,

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. Using your link I downloaded and installed the keyboard. Two keyboards installed, one of them the Lopez keyboard. It is oddly labeled: “Cappadocian Greek (cpg-Grek)
Classical Greek.” The other keyboard is labeled “Cappadocian Greek (cpg-Grek) Greek Keyboard” and appears to have a Greek style keyboard layout. I suspect that these installed correctly when I initially upgraded the software but I didn’t recognize the Lopez
keyboard and went down a deep hole trying to fix a problem I didn’t have. Thanks to you I’m now back to normal.

I’m pleased to see that that these keyboards are open source now and that those of you in the support community are so responsive. Thanks again.

With all best wishes,

Richard Beck

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Hi Richard, I’m glad that the keyboard works for you. It is interesting that there two keyboards installed from the package as it only contains one keyboard layout.

On my machine, only one keyboard was installed though: