Google Play Store’s Data Safety form requirement

Is there any information available for us IT-impaired folks that might help us respond to Play Store’s requirement that we add a Data Safety form to our Dictionary App? (From the Google Play Console: “Developers will soon be required to tell us about their apps’ privacy and security practices by completing a form in Play Console.”)

It seems all DAB-produced apps would have the same information to provide, and if so, it would be very helpful to have a standard form, or set of responses, that we could all use.

Thanks for any help you might offer.


(I’m responding to my own question in case the following information might be helpful to someone else.)

I contacted a friend whom I knew used DAB to request help in responding to Google Play’s required Data Safety form. He responded:

I have actually clicked that our apps do not collect any data because I have defined in the app builder, that the app should not collect any analytics. See screen shot below. So if you click NO in the first question, you are not led to any more questions.

The screenshot he referred to shows that under the Analytics menu in DAB he left unchecked the option to “Enable Analytics (requires internet permission)”