Good Example for a Keyboard Design Document?

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I’m hoping people here may have recommendations for a good model to follow for a keyboard design document. Something that would cover all of the details and design considerations deemed essential. For desktop and touch layouts, the best models to follow may we be separate documents.



It’s something that we’ve occasionally worked on, but never really seen through to completion, at least in recent years. It keeps getting back-burnered.

That said, I did find an old push in this direction that might help as a “good example” or “good model” for starting up a new document. Some of the info will be out of date given the documents’ ages, but there should still be useful stuff here.

That document was started as an attempt to update an older one… which is currently set with pretty restrictive permissions. From 2007-2009. I think all content was updated, though we noted room for improvements in a number of areas.

While there isn’t a proper “table of contents” in the document, there was one in the original one. The document was in flux, though, so the TOC was left out because it would likely break as the document got updated.

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