Go to settings

Give us an option to go to settings from the keyboard interface, in any app. Maybe by a longpress on a key or any other way.

In Gboard and many other keyboards, you can go to keyboard settings from any app in which the keyboard is open, but in Keyman you will have to go to app drawer/launcher and tap the Keyman app icon to open it then go to settings to either add a language or adjust anything you want to.

I’m guessing you are referring to Keyman for Android/iOS where Keyman is used as a system keyboard and you would like to be able to access Keyman settings right from the keyboard.

@darcy Is this a feasible thing to add?

It would be a convenient feature to get to Keyman settings from the keyboard interface. I notice on my Android device, the shortcuts from Gboard and Samsung keyboards link to the corresponding Android Settings “General management”.

I think the Keyman apps intentionally keep the keyboard configuration separate from using the keyboard. Generally, users only need to do the setup steps of adding their keyboard languages once.

The Keyman settings menu on the mobile apps have also grown a little large over the past few releases, and certainly could use a little re-organization/revamp.