Glosses for alternate spellings in DAB Index

Great work on DAB. My lexicon has many alternate spellings, linked to head words. In DAB these appear in the index with no gloss. Only if the user knows to tap the alternate, then tape the head word, can they get to the gloss. Users are not getting it and are thinking these entries just are not completed. I can add glosses for all the alternates but there are hundreds and that is not best practice as then any changes must be made in two different places and mistakes will be made. But I’ve spent hours on set up and cannot figure out how to have DAB display the head word gloss(es) with the alternate spelling in the index. For example, all entries here have glosses but only some show the gloss in the index:

Are you using LIFT or XHTML as your source? Is your data in Fieldworks?


Hi Ian,

I am using XHTML. My data is in Fieldworks.


Then it is most likely the setup in Flex that is causing the issue. I’d have a look at how your dictionary handles the alternative spelling. Then look at the Dictionary Configuration you are using to export the XHTML and see if something is missing there. It is a bit hard to answer precisely without being able to see the data and setup in Flex.

I’ve spent many hours trying different dictionary settings in
FLEX but not been able to find any that cues DAB to list the gloss
for alternate sub-entries in the index itself, because the gloss
is not actually in the sub-entry data. I can copy the glosses it
into every dialectal alternate and alternate spelling entry and
then the gloss will show up, of course, but that will take a while
(two gloss languages) and any changes made to one must be made to
both in the future. But if that’s the only solution, I guess
that’s what I’ll need to do.