Glitches with ms office 2002 (xp)


First of all, I want to thank the developers for their great work at this program.

I use a lot MS WORD 2002 (XP) on my windows 10 machine.
I know its old, but I like the sleek design of MS Office XP. (Much more than the latest version of office).

Because I got the AltGr bug in word (not excel), I cannot straight type the Eurosign € (AltGr E), the ‘@’ (AltGr 2), the ‘#’ (AltGr 3), etc…

As work around I’ve installed the Keyman desktop, with their Belgian/French keyboard lay-out. This works fine, but I got some glitches.

Those are :
1./ When I change the font size ( from 11 to for example 15) in the tool bar, the typed ‘15’ is not accepted. This happen only in msword, not excel.

2./ When I change the zoom factor in the toolbar (lets say to 120% by typing 120) the size is automatically reset to his initial value. This happen only in msword, not excel.
As work around, I need to use the commando zoom in/ zoom out.

3./ When I start windows, I always need to select the ‘Belgian/French’ Keyman keyboard manually. The standard keyboard lay out is those of the windows.

Can someone give me advice how I can solve this items ?

Kind regards,


Hi @Mark_G, welcome to the community!

This could be a little challenging to resolve. Office XP being so old, it’s well out of support and I suspect the toolbar component is doing some “interesting” things to get access to the keyboard. You could try disabling Keyman’s serialised input technology following the steps at: and see if that makes a difference (but it’s a trade-off!)

For the third point, currently we have not got an automatic way of selecting the Keyman keyboard at boot; this requires some architectural changes which are difficult to implement for a lot of horrible technical reasons. You can press Alt+Left Shift to swap keyboards or setup a hotkey for the Keyman keyboard in Keyman Configuration, which should minimise the pain, however.


I just tried this trick , with a sandboxed version.
I didn’t reboot the computer, but closed and restarted the application.
However without luck.

Anyhow, thanks for the quick reply.


Sorry I wasn’t able to find a solution!