Getting time alignment from Elan files?

Hi this software looks very useful!

I have a lot of texts that are already time-aligned in Elan via SayMore, has anyone tried exporting from Elan for the timing text?

Would adding a label tier with the alphabetical labels and exporting as tab-delimited text work?

If yes, I have some further questions:

Would it work okay with numbers rather than letters as these can be generated automatically in Elan?

And for books with more than 26 phrases what should the labels look like? Or if using numbers, should a book with eleven pages be labelled 1-11 or 01-11?

Happy to play around and see but if someone’s already worked out how to do this it would be great to hear about it!

Hello Eleanor, I don’t know of anyone who is exporting timing information from ELAN to RAB, but it would be interesting to hear how you get on.

Labels need to be a, b, c…z, then aa, ab, ac… az, ba, bb, bc,… You cannot use numbers at the moment, but I will make a note of this as an enhancement request.