Getting published shell books into Bloom format

Hello friends, I am relatively new to Bloom. I am looking for ideas on getting published shell books into Bloom format. The shellbooks are in Indonesian and in English but none of them are in the Bloom library.

If you have the books in some electronic form, you can take advantage of Bloom’s ability to paste both text and pictures. Note that you can turn on two languages in Bloom so you can paste the Indonesian and English into separate boxes identified with the appropriate language.

We have thought about various options for importing more than a page of text, but there are so many possible formats…and the cost of copy/paste is so small for most early reading books…that it hasn’t seemed worth it so far. If someone has a lot of books all in the same format, we’d consider doing something about it, but I can’t promise, even then. There are a lot of feature requests!

hi john, i have three languages because this is a tri lingual shell book. will this still work with three languages? can you email me the steps I need to take? These books from which I want to create bloom books are not yet in the bloom library. should I create blank/empty books first? How do I do that? Thanks Craig

This video is a good one to help you get started creating your first book from scratch using Bloom.

To make a trilingual book, go to Settings from the Collections tab and set up your three languages.
Then, from the Edit tab, you will see a dropdown at the top which says “One Language”. Click that to turn on the other languages. This adds text boxes to paste in all three languages on each page.

Hi Andrew, Unfortunately the Indonesian government has blocked all residents of Indonesian from using vimeo. so I can not access vimeo. Are there written instructions that could be emailed to me? I completed your instructions for step one.

Hi Andrew, I finally got the video to work by using a VPN. How do I get my bloom book from my laptop to my cell phone?


There are Bloom videos on the SIL LEAD YouTube channel that cover similar topics to the Vimeo channel.


Getting the Bloom Book onto your cell phone is done through the Bloom Reader App. You need to install the app first, then go to Publish within Bloom and choose Android.

There are instructions for publishing to Bloom reader and lots of other Bloom instructions in the Help Menu. (Click ? at the top right of the Bloom program, then choose Documentation, then look at Contents, Index, or Search for the keywords.


Hi Liz, I followed your instructions and got these error messages (attached)

Hi Liz, please ignore my previous MSG. I got it to work. But now I have one more question. The default font is “Andika”. But I could not get all the text to fit in the pages if I used Andika, even with low character spacing. so I switched to ‘Times New Roman’. After I switched and downloaded it to my cell phone I got a message, “Times New Roman Font installed at a cost of .8 meg”. Will that cost also hold true if I transfer or send this Bloom book to a friend via wifi or blue tooth?