Getting audio to play for pronunciations

Hi, I added a pronunciation to a word in Flex with Pronunciation > Media file and it plays in Flex, but when I import the LIFT file into DAB, the speaker icon displays, but no sound is produced. I have tried various other options for the audio source or file.

Is there a specific naming convention I must use when including the audio file in DAB? I do not find any convention in the documentation and have tried various options.

Please advise.


Did you add the audio into DAB audio section?


Yes, I did and added a source also. I went through all the documentation
and followed it bit by bit, but no file name convention or association is

Dab recognises something as the speaker icon does appear, but no audio is
played when clicked.

Maybe Logcat messages could be more verbose then I could debug to a better
level before posting here. Currently adb shows no debug info. Maybe a
switch in DAB could set various levels?


Are you using the current version of DAB? There was a bug in one of the versions that affected audio.

I also remember getting an audio icon in the app but not getting the file to play. I can’t remember what prompted it, but it may have been file name conventions. I had to change the Spanish words árbol (has an accent) and montaña (has an ñ) to arbol and montana. There was a version of the app I made where all the audio was working except these two words, so I took that to mean the file name conventions are pretty selective.

Thank you Aaron for your helpful comments. I am using the latest version.

What is the file name convention to ensure correct association between
entry and audio? Should it be the same as the word? In which writing system
(as I have several)? What if an entry consists of two words?

Thank you,