Get string from keyman web

Hello I need some assistance, why when I type Balinese in the input field in Keyman web shows the strings of the language i want to use but when the string in input field I copy-paste to html, the strings of the language shows boxes with a question mark inside?

Is this the Balinese keyboard you’re using on,Keyboard_aksarabali_panlex

I think that keyboard uses the Vimala.ttf font that you may need to install.

hello thank you for replying, I want to ask again, then why on,Keyboard_jawa, I don’t need to install the font file ?

The keyman web site is aware of the font required for the keyboard, but the font is only available on that site. If you are hosting an html page, you would need to declare the Virmala font in your css ayourself as well as possibly host the Virmala site yourself. I did check and we do install Virmala when you install the keyboard package on a desktop computer.

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