Get Publishing Help from Dictionary Builders International

Hello Colleagues,

Do you need some help publishing a dictionary? I’d like to offer some free help.

Maybe you need help with:
:heavy_check_mark: Help with the Google Play publishing process (Conversion of Lexicon to .APK & .AAB)
:heavy_check_mark: Design / Branding
:heavy_check_mark: Publishing from a sensitive region
:heavy_check_mark: Anonymous publishing

After working 5 years for Lutheran Bible Translators, I saw a need for additional “insulation” and support for dictionary creators, especially in restrictive contexts. It’s not always practical to put one’s name, organization, and other identifiable information out there—attached to a language name. It may not even be safe to publish anything.

But how can we publish these dictionaries safely? That’s where we come in.

We built a system that insulates the creators from the publishing. I now run a small company called Dictionary Builders International that can help push your dictionary “the last mile” over the finish line, and I’d like to help you for free. I have experience publishing 6 different apps to the Google Play store, and would love to get yours up there too.

  • You can submit a dictionary 100% anonymously… even without disclosing your actual name to me.
  • You retain full rights and ownership of the dictionary, and can make changes as necessary. You can issue us a “strike order” if you want it taken down, for any reason.
  • Our requirements state that all dictionary apps must be 100% free of cost. So, if you’re hoping to monetize the app, we can offer some coaching, but not publishing help.
  • We even do the graphic design help, and publish your app with a dictionary emblem with your country’s flag in it.
  • We publish only to the Google Play store.

I know this offer isn’t for everyone, but I hope it will be helpful for some.
If you’d like to follow up, send an encrypted message via Signal to: +1-952-237-3930, or an email to

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