Get A5 pages to print as 'booklet' on A4 paper


I have a colleague who creates A5 pages with SILAS. He’s struggling to get them to print as a booklet on A4 paper WITHOUT being reduced in size when meeting the printer dialogue. I have tried a number of things myself, and I’m also struggling… Then I thought of PDF Droplet–easy peasy! Except it’s not… :frowning: Oh, I can get a document generated–that wasn’t too much of a problem, (though it was still more of a struggle than I had hoped [I still can’t figure out how to get anything to show in the PDF Droplet window–I drag a PDF file there and I get a Windows dialogue saying “Open” | “Save” | “Cancel”, and then it opens in PDF-Xchange Viewer…]). The problem is, when I print (HP MFP4555), I get a perfect preview (two non-reduced A5 pages on one landscape A4 sheet), but the actual printout is only on 1/2 of the A4 sheet… And while it is ‘booklet’ (i.e., pages 1 and 4 are on one side and pages 2 and 3 are on the other), the pages are upside down to each other (i.e. 1/4 are upright and 2/3 are upside down). I tried to ‘draw’ a picture of what I mean with underscores and tie-bars, but this editor is too smart for me… :frowning:
If anyone has any hints, we’d really appreciate it. Thanks!


I figured out my problem–on the print side, at least… I had configured my printer to print ‘Booklet’, but it should have just been set to print ‘Portrait’ with duplex set to ‘Short edge / Flip up’. So I was booklet-ing a booklet. :stuck_out_tongue:

I still can’t figure out how to get a preview in the PDF Droplet window… I use PDF Xchange Viewer, and have it set to ‘Display PDF in browser’, but still nothing. But since it ultimately does what I want, I’ll just call that a ‘niggle’!